Create 30 Social Media Graphics in 30 Minutes with Canva

30 in 30

How to Create 30 Social Media Graphics in 30 Minutes

Save time and money!


Entrepreneurs STOP WASTING TIME creating one social media graphic at a time.  In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create 30 Social Media Graphics in 30 days.  That's a social media post for each day of the month.  

Join the 30 in 30 Club - Create graphics once a month and spend more time on your business. 


30 Graphics in 30 Mins


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  • 30 Graphics in 30 Minutes with Canva
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30 in 30 Has Given Me Life!!!

From Elise Green

Nina, I LOVE this course! You took my self-induced overwhelm and turned it into something fun! I am enjoying creating my social media posts for the next month! The hardest part is picking photos I ...

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Gave Me New Life

From Diana Cyrill

After going thru each of the modules I came away with a clear way to come up with 30 days of posts at the drop of the hat. Seriously!! This task used to be so daunting for me and I love canva. Nina...

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Absolutely Loved It!!!

From Chanda Cunningham

This course was excellent. I learned so much more about Canva. I still say Pink Boss Academy is worth every penny I spend to be a member!!


From Keisha Earnest

I really appreciate the tools on how to create multiple graphics in a small amount of time! This class was so great! Thanks Nina!

30 in 30

From Nicky Pickard

Awesome Class! Thanks for the tips!

Great Course Nina!

From Temecia Jackson

Ok. I'm about to challenge myself to make 30 graphics now. I'll post once I'm done. Thanks!

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Socially Nina Thomas

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I’m Socially Nina, a Social Media Professor and Productivity Trainer with over 15 years of training experience, specializing in Technology, Leadership and Social Media.

I push passionate, female entrepreneurs closer their dreams - from biz systems and webinar preps to social media strategies and video marketing strategies!

Whether you’re new to the biz game, a new-ish online entrepreneur or a veteran seeking new ways to market your existing brand, baby baby... lemme upgrade you! My passion is helping you create an online presence that oozes confidence, portrays clarity and draws your ideal clients.

Trust me, running a business isn’t as scary as it looks. And now that we’re here together, don’t worry. I got U:)

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