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Pink Boss Academy

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You have a Purpose, a Passion and a Desire to Help others with your Services... but Nobody knows.

So do you really have a business?

...Sorry sweetheart, but the answer is NO!

I know you’ve heard that social media is the ultimate marketing machine - keep telling yourself you can just figure it out by yourself!

The thing is, you have no idea where to start!

You’ve hit a wall trying to figure out the best times to post on Facebook

You can’t figure out why hashtags matter on Instagram, or when to use them.

So let me spill the tea…

If you’re an entrepreneur who is ready to overcome feeling overwhelmed and bogged down by the technical aspects of your online business, I’m your woman. 


I push passionate, female entrepreneurs closer their dreams - from biz systems and webinar preps to social media strategies and, yes... YouTube marketing!

I'll even teach you my secret strategy; how I built a combined social media presence of more than 20,000 followers, developed and nurtured an energetic group of a few thousand female entrepreneurs in the Pink Boss Club (Facebook) and racked up more than 300,000 views on my YouTube channel.

How do these numbers translate to $$$$?

My followers, a mix of small business owners and entrepreneurs, are engaged, hungry - primed - to snatch up my services and products! Don’t you want your own tribe?

That IS why you’re here right?

So this is what I'm going to do for you. 

I'm going to break down his big bad world of online marketing into little bite-size chunks.

Let's start with an Academy built for a Boss like you!

The Pink Boss Academy includes

  • Digital Courses -Video Tutorial with step by step instructions

  • Private Facebook Group - Community support and office hours for your questions

  • Biz Tools & Resources - Tools and Resources that save you money

  • Training Replays -   Webinars, Live Streams, Q&A Sessions, Social Media Profile Reviews

  • PDF Downloads-  Worksheets, Checklists, user guides, infographics, and templates

  • Profile Reviews - Reviews of social media profiles with suggestions to improve your marketing

  • Live Pop-Up lessons - Join me as I create new courses for new social media platforms and features

So basically I'm giving you everything you need to setup and market your business

The Skills You Need as a Solopreneur

  • Task Management skills for staying organized and focused

  • Easy Workflows for saving time and money

  • Social Media Strategies that save you time (I can't believe some of you are spending hours posting content)

  • Video Marketing Strategies that get you to that "Google Me" status

  • How to create a recognizable brand that gets you noticed in real life!

  • How to build a community of genuine followers that turn into life long friends and customers

  • How to get people to buy your programs before you even launch!

Pink Boss Academy includes these courses

YouTube Webinar - Beginners Guide to Creating YouTube Videos
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YouTube Webinar - How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel
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Welcome to the Pink Boss Academy
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Create, Promote & Sell Your Online Course with Thinkific
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Brand Identity - Social Media Handles
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Ideal Client Avatar - The Key to Your Marketing Strategy
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