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Step -by-Step Lessons for the "Not so Tech-Savvy" Entrepreneur


30 in 30 - 30 Social Media Graphics in 30 Minutes


Organize Your Biz with OneNote

Use Microsoft OneNote to organize your tasks, clients and basically YOUR LIFE! No more excuses for being unorganized. Use this FREE application to get focus and get stuff done!


Social Media Graphic Design with Canva


Digital Designs with PicMonkey

Webinar - The beginners guide to designing digital graphics with PicMonkey. If you're a Canva user, this is a great next step for more flexible designs.


Effortless Landing Pages

Live webinar on August 14th register here: https://events.genndi.com/.../169105139238447632/ad25d4a183


How to Create a Mailchimp Automation to Deliver Your Freebie

What happens after someone signs up for your mailing list? Are you logging into your account and manually sending them an email message? EEEW really!!!?It's to automate. Let's setup a workflow so you have a no touch delivery to your audience.